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Thank God, now we can concentrate on Tenneesee vs Rutgers

Hopefully this is the last pic
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Now that the most predictable and boring NCAA Tournament in modern history is over, we can look forward to the title game between the Lady Volunteers and the Scarlet Damsels or something. Hell, we’re going to do something never done before in the history of blogging — we’re gonna pre-live-blog the thing:

10:54 Player dribbles up the court and awkwardly jacks up a three. Rebound by another player. Kicks it back out. Another awkward three. Rebound and putback.

10:20 It’s a steal. Full sprint the other way. Layup.

9:45 Rinse. Repeat.

We don’t mean to bash womens basketball but it’s really just a terrible game to watch. There are some people out there who love the game, and good for them, but we are so sick of the marketing of the college game (and the WNBA) ad nauseum during all mens basketball contests. There is no chance that anyone who isn’t already predisposed to watching womens college bball sees one of these ESPN commercials (“men out, ladies in”) and thinks, yeah, I’m totally tuning in for that. So stop shoving it down our throats.

Sorry, just a little bitter today because what arguably is the best event in sports turned out to be such a dud. Was there a single true buzzer beater in the entire tournament? Was there a big upset at all? (VCU beating overrated Duke doesn’t count.) Was there a defining moment? What a colossal waste of time.

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Game coverage — If you’re sick of it now just wait until you turn on your tv tonight. ESPN is offering total coverage of the game on their entire family of channels. You know, like when they cover a major college football game, except this is gonna suck.

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