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Odds and Ends: Point shaving at Toledo

Since Friday, the arrest of Harvey “Scooter” McDougle Jr. has sent shockwaves through the sports gambling community.  Actually, no it hasn’t.  We realize that Toledo is DIV I and all but you gotta be pretty desperate to bet on Toledo vs Akron. Still, the question is always whether it could happen at a big time program that garners big time bets.  

According to the Detroit News, a man named Garry Manni gave McDougle cash, a car,  valuables and trips in exchange for affecting outcomes of games.   Although he was only a 4th string running back, McDougle was able to influence other players on both the football and basketball teams.  

Toledo officials held a press conference today to announce that they were unsure whether others would be charged.   Uh yeah… thanks for the staggering info guys.

In other news…

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And finally, here’s a video of a trick bowling shot.  Yep, that’s right.  Trick Bowling.

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bowling — as a fairly serious bowler, having watched a number of PBA Tour events and the trick competitions, these guys can do some pretty crazy stuff. Norm Duke’s towel ball strike shot and putting a chair down the lane and you have to loft the ball over hte chair and get high count. sound easy? try throwing a 16 pound bowling ball 30-40 ft down the lane and have it hit the pins

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