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We hope the men get different uniforms

We’ve never been to a game in Baltimore but apparently they have male cheerleaders on their stunt team. The Ravens recently held tryouts for the squad.

Many of the men participating in Sunday’s tryout had good experience, said Dan W., a new participant. Most of them were cheerleaders in college and grew up playing sports. A big part of their job description includes lobbing their female counterparts high into the air and catching them. Dan W., 24, cheered for three years at University of Notre Dame and played lacrosse in high school

This is exactly what’s wrong with male cheerleading. (“There are 10 things men should never do and cheerleading is 9 of them.”) Most decent high school athletes who can’t make the leap to the next level just accept their lack of athletic ability and go on with their lives and once in a while think back on glory days. However, a small percentage decide that this isn’t good enough and feel the need to be in the spotlight — but as a cheerleader.

The defense for male cheerleaders are “well, they are always looking up the cheerleader’s skirts”. Listen, who cares. They are after the athletes. You are like a eunuch who claps his hands real loud. And besides, it’s just not worth it. The mascot is cooler than you. Have you ever seen a male cheerleader and thought, “yeah that guy is cool, I want to hang out with him”?

[Examiner]: Ravens cheerleader tryouts attract men, women

By Vin

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Bigot — That is not fair. Male cheerleaders, as well as female cheerleaders, are athletes. It is a difficult job to be a cheerleader, especially for men. Just in case you didn’t know, whomever wrote this thread, males were the first to come up with the sport of Cheer. Also, “looking up girls skirts” is not the only benefit of becoming a male cheerleader, it is also a great way to build upper body strength and a great bond with many awesome people. Obviously you’ve never been a cheerleader, or at least known a male cheerleader, otherwise you would understand the hard work and dedication it takes to be on such a team.

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