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Just when you thought NFL players couldn’t sink any lower


Atlanta Falcons DT Jonathan Babineaux was arrested for felony animal cruelty last week for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s dog. The dog died of blunt force trauma to the head which Babineaux claims happened when the dog accidentally hit his head against the wall. An autopsy on the dog will be released this week.

PETA (which we have absolutely no use for) sent a letter to Commissioner Goodell asking for Babineaux to be suspended for a year and a letter to the Falcons asking them to release him if found guilty.

It’s the kind of thing people can’t identify with,” said Dan Shannon, the manager of youth outreach and programs at PETA’s Virginia headquarters. “You just can’t think there is any way you’d kill a dog.

No but everyone can imagine slamming a stripper’s head against a stage because she dove for some money.

Babineaux’s lawyer said that Babineaux did nothing wrong opened his mouth and lied about something.

[New York Times]: Death of a Dog May Be Latest Mess for N.F.L.

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This is messed up but… — …F PETA and F Animal Rights groups. My Dad worked for a BIOTECH company that did testing on Monkeys and crap and they came and dropped paint all over my car when I was over my old man’s house.

These are the same LIBERAL assclowns who want STEM CELL research by killing HUMAN Babies but God forbid we should actually test some shampoo on a monkey.

but monkeys are SOOOOO cute — PETA sucks. They keep bashing your head with it. I mean, we all love animals and the people who don’t love animals won’t get their minds changed by PETA. But they go around acting like you stranged a cow with your bare hands just cause you are wearing some leather shoes.

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