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2007 NBA All-Star Game Live Blog – 2nd Half

Welcome to the 2007 NBA All-Star Game Live Blog. The action will get under way in a little less than half an hour and we’ll be covering it for you. Newest comments will appear at the top.

Postgame And the MVP is…Kobe Bryant. And he wasn’t even booed as David Stern handed him the trophy. The snoozefest is finally over and not a minute too soon. I can’t believe I missed Family Guy for this.

End of 4th This was never a contest as the West spanked the East by 21, 153-132. The West was only two points away from tying the all-time record for points in an All-Star game. But it really doesn’t matter because nobody would have been awake to see it.

1:00 60 seconds til the pain goes away.

3:01 Only 15 fouls in the game. Where are these refs during the regular season?

4:21 Looks like Kobe’s going to take home the MVP for the game but Stoudemire is a close second.

8:25 Thank goodness for Shaq. The Diesel showed off his ball handling skills as he tried to shake and bake on Mehmet Okur, but his pull up jumper came up short.

11:30 The crew is struggling for topics of discussion. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding plans have taken over the show. Parker said he’s not involved in the planning. He’s just going to show up and get a wife. Kinda like Tyrus Thomas picking up his check.

End of 3rd Only one more quarter to go. The East are pathetic and they’re the healthy ones. The West is missing a ton of talent but hold a 119-88 lead. Caron Butler hasn’t received any love from his coach; he’s only played six minutes in the blow out.

1:25 At this point, the only thing that’s still up in the air is the MVP. Even Gilbert Arenas has admitted defeat in an interview with Aldridge.

4:42 The Suns are starting to take over the game. Stoudemire has 12 points in the quarter so far and Shawn Marion is throwing down some nice slams.

9:28 Eddie Jordan calls a time out as he tries to stop the bleeding with the East trailing 89-65. David Aldridge reported that Jordan admitted he didn’t feel he belonged at the All-Star game, and so far he’s right. The fans are going to start heading for the exits soon if he doesn’t motivate his squad.

Halftime Please let there be a wardrobe malfunction during Christina Aguilera’s performance. That’s the only thing that can save this halftime show. Well, at least Christina is holding down a job. When’s the last time Britney Spears was seen on camera without being drunk or pantyless?

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