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2007 NBA All-Star Game Live Blog – 1st Half

Welcome to the 2007 NBA All-Star Game Live Blog. The action will get under way in a little less than half an hour and we’ll be covering it for you. Newest comments will appear at the top.

End of 2nd The West take a 20 point lead into the locker room behind 17 points from Bryant. 14 shots in 13 minutes, just a typical night for Kobe.

2:30 Prince was at the game with Ludacris and Dave Chappelle. When did he become such a sports fan? Maybe Charlie Murphy was telling the truth.

5:25 Who knew Carrot Top was ripped? Too bad there’s no exercise to help his face. Yikes!

6:43 The West is starting to run away with this one, leading by 20. This is beginning to get ugly, but no lead is safe in an All-Star game. Eventually, some of the Eastern conference players will remember that the winners get a bigger check and start giving more effort.

8:45 Shaq put down a two handed slam and then gave McGrady a kiss on the face. Tim Hardaway’s not going to like that.

10:20 Does anyone else think that Tracy McGrady looks like a deer?

End of 1st The West are up 39-31 and Vince Carter provided the highligt of the quarter as he made a spinning drive that ended with a nice slam.

2:38 Amare Stoudemire is off to a hot start with 8 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists in only 4 minutes. Can you say early MVP candidate?

5:00 Jermaine O’Neal tipped in a miss but it was for the wrong team.

7:14 Nevermind, Wade made up for his lack of effort as he threw down a nice alley-oop from LeBron. The game of can you top this started with a nifty slam from Kobe. As always, Bryant’s not afraid to jack it up. He has six shot attempts in five minutes.

10:35 Dwyane Wade had a perfect opportunity to wow the crowd on a breakaway and he hit a weak dunk instead. This is the All-Star game isn’t it?

Pregame Siegfried and Roy provided an awkward start to the game before John Mason did his usual annoying introductions. Is there anyone who actually likes this Deeeeeeeetroit Basketball idiot? Do the people in Detroit even like him? Can we recreate Tupac’s vegas experience with him as Tupac?

Can this pregame take any longer? Wayne Newton’s makeup is beginning to run. By the way, when did Wayne Newton start looking like the crazy cat lady who had too much plastic surgery? Let’s get this game on the road already.

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