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Cheerleaders. Soldiers. Booze. Sex.

That’s the headline from Newsweek. They are either running out of good headline writers or they simply realized that there really isn’t anything more you need to add. Why waste words when that will get everyone’s attention. Hell, if they could have added lesbian to it, I’m sure they would have. Titillating headlines aside, this story has got everything that tabloids love… except it’s Newsweek.

According to the article, two cheerleaders from Ware Shoals High School in South Carolina ditched a school function and instead headed to a hotel room with their coach Jill Moore to meet two National Guardsmen on a recruiting trip to their high school. Moore allegedly gave the girls vodka and then went to another hotel room with one of the guardsmen and left the other one with the two girls. One of the girls admitted to having sex with him.

Oh but wait… there’s more. The principal of the school is being charged with obstruction of justice for trying to cover up what the cheerleading coach did. Oh but wait… there’s even Moore… (sorry)… Jill Moore also is accused of having sex with a male high school student and separately would bring along a cheerleader to the National Armory to distract other employees while she had sex with a Guardsman. Did we mention she is married with two kids. (Jill, you dirty slut.)

Moore is the only one to be charged. The guardsman are off the hook because everyone involved were at least 16, the age of consent in South Carolina. The Newsweek subheader was “A National Guard recruiting mission gone awry shakes a small South Carolina town to its core.” Did it really go awry? This might be the single best thing to happen to the National Guard. What high school student isn’t going to want to join the Guard now? Look at the perks!

[Newsweek ]:Cheerleaders. Soldiers. Booze. Sex.

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