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Another internet lesson

Yesterday, we showed you video of some dorky kid doing a variety of dunks on his basement nerf hoop set. Today, we bring you another lesson from the internet. Never call a game too early. While it probably happens all the time, rarely does it happen on something like Digg where people can keep surfacing it and reminding you what kind of idiot you are.

From Digg:

Patriots are going to the superbowl!! Peyton Cries – Brady dances midfield

Yea – it is currently 7:47pm and I’m calling it now – Patriots are winning 21-3 and Peyton is crying on the field already after not one but TWO sacks! Patriots are going to the superbowl!!!!

eyeaml337 submitted 2 days ago in American & Canadian

Go ahead and digg the story.

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