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Yao Ming does not have jungle fever

(Does anyone still use the term jungle fever anymore? That movie was like what… 1992?)

There’s a rule about lying. If you’re gonna make something up, make it so preposterous that it’s believable. is rumor-mongering (thank you Al Davis) that Yao Ming is dating 5’2″ Nia Long because he became a huge fan of hers while watching The Fresh Price of Bel Aire in China. First of all, did Fresh Prince of Bel Aire even air in China? Second, wasn’t this the plot of the Borat movie?

Reuters (slightly more credible than MediaTakeOut) has Yao denying the story:

Isn’t it too ridiculous? I saw the news on Internet. The writer is so good at hoaxes. What’s that? She’s only 1.57m. I’m 2.26m. Does it sound reasonable?

Reuters also reports that his long term girlfriend Ye Li is living with him. So if Yao is really dating Nia Long… then kudos to you Yao. Just don’t get caught in Colorado on a rape charge. You’ll never be able to score 81 points.

[Reuters ]: Basketball star dismisses love interest as tall story

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