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Ron Howard can direct and he’s MVP!

Philly sure does know how to celebrate its heroes. After winning the MVP, Phillies 1B Ryan Howard got a giant banner on city hall, a Liberty Bell statue and a mayoral proclamation. Problem is that Mayor Street is a moron.

We are enormously pleased and we are very, very proud of our Phillies, and we are certainly proud of Ron Howard and his great achievements. We have somebody who we can really say, ‘It’s all right to be like Ron.’

for us, Ron Howard is a symbol of freedom that we’re going to have when we bring a world championship right down, you hear me? We are going to be free.

After a while, someone finally stepped to his side and whispered to Street that Ryan was the one with 58 homers and 149 RBI. But we’re sure Opie is very proub to be a symbol of freedom and world championship.

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By Vin

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