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Odds and Ends: "Pacers’ Jackson kicked disabled man during melee"

Roll up bitch! Roll up!

You read that headline and immediately imagined Stephen Jackson kicking a guy in a toppled over wheelchair right? So did we. But before they had the good sense to change it, that’s exactly what the Indy Star had in their news feed. It turns out Jackson kicked a guy with a short arm. And while technically the guy was disabled, it’s nowhere near as egregious as kicking a guy without the use of his legs (presumably cause the guy can’t kick back). We like funny/ironic headlines as much as the next guy but that was tantamount to saying “Michael Jackson touches young boy” and not mentioning that it was on the shoulder. In any case, Stephen Jackson has apologized and is “happy to be alive“… blah blah blah… but he will still be charged with a felony in the strip club incident.

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