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Shutout means free furniture for Bears fans

Sir, that’s not free furniture, that’s Brett
Favre in the pocket

A furniture store owner near Chicago named Randy Gonigam offered customers a refund on their furniture purchase (up to $10,000) if the Bears shut out the Packers last weekend. Well, a score of 26-0 later, 206 customers got their purchases for free. The total given in away in free furniture was around $300,000.

Gonigam didn’t actually expect the Bears to shut out the Packers but he took out an insurance policy on the contest giveaway “with a company that specializes in insuring prize reimbursements.” The degenerate gamblers that we are, we wonder if the insurance was really just a $10,000 bet. The odds of the Packers getting shut out have to have been around 30-1.

This is really a smart marketing ploy. We can see this kind of thing happening at car dealerships. Think of something that is a longshot of happening (like no INTs for Brett Favre or Fred Taylor not getting hurt this year) and then offer a refund on a purchase if it comes to pass. It’s not like anyone can return a car.

[CNN]: Furniture customers score with Bears’ shutout

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