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This isn’t going to look good on the resume

Was it George Carlin that said “There are 10 things men should never do and cheerleading is 9 of them”? From comes these year old pics of some Indiana University of Pennsylvania cheerleading squad hazing ritual that prove being a male cheerleader is just not right.

Here’s a word of advice to potential male cheerleaders (and, well, everyone else): Every single photo or video that you’re in has the potential to wind up on the internet. The more embarassing it is, the more likely it’ll end up on the net. So think before you take that photo. Are you trying to be ironic? Just kidding around? Nobody cares. It’s out there. So while this guy knew it wasn’t a good idea to participate in this event, it looks like the need to be a cheerleader (I GOT SPIRIT, YES I DO, I GOT SPIRIT HOW BOUT YOU!) overrode his common sense. And well, now there’s a pic of him sucking on a condom. His parents must be so proud.

By the way, we’d like to point out that our objection of male cheerleading isn’t because of the stereotype that male cheerleaders are gay (hey we love Michael Strahan!) but because it’s just so incredibly LAME.

[]: Indiana University Pennsylvania Cheerleading Initiation

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