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Poker Playing Chimp denied entry to WSOP

Remember that publicity stunt we told you about last week where a company was training a chimp to play poker and wanted to enter him into a WSOP event for $10,000? Well, the WSOP people have nixed it.

He will not be registered, nor will he play,” said Gary Thompson, spokesman for the World Series of Poker. “We are not letting any chimpanzees in. It would be cruel to the chimpanzee and unfair to our players.

Too bad this didn’t happen. It would have been hilarious to see one of the poker “stars” get knocked out by a chimp or get some feces thrown on them. By the way, who are these people lining up to get autographs of poker players? It’s not a sport, people!

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2 replies on “Poker Playing Chimp denied entry to WSOP”

What, a chimp’s money is no good in Vegas? — If Trevor’s Beer Pong thing ever gets off the ground, you must promise to have at least one team…no, division of chimpanzees involved.

I thought that was Trevor’s team… — (ooooh zing!)

Remember on the podcast I said we needed the animal rights people to protest us?  That’s how we’re gonna do it!  Brilliant, RJ.

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