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Johnny Damon used to smoke pot… still a babe hound

The latest issue of Men’s Journal really explains a lot about Johnny Damon. Damon said that he used to smoke pot and that “it’s part of life, it’s natural, it’s from the earth”. Damon claims he no longer smokes pot because “you have to grow up some time.”

He said his dad was pretty tolerant of it and that his dad told him, “If you ever want to experiment with anything, let me know. He smoked a little bit, so he said just let him know.” So the lesson to be learned here is this: if you smoke pot with you son, he will grow up to be a professional baseball player. Or are we reading this all wrong?

Furthermore, Damon rubs it in all our faces when he tells Men’s Journal that girls still come up to him all the time and that he turned down a pair of female fans. Oh… Johnny Damon is too good for a threesome. Well F him. We’re going back to smoking some pot.

[NY Daily News]: From the grass at home
to Yankee Stadium

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Michelle Damon — Just unbelievable….! By curiosity, I was doing a web search on Michelle Renee Mangan, a girl with whom I slept with on several occasions 10 years ago in Miami… I just realise that she is now Michelle Damon, wife of Johnny Damon, a baseball star!!! I recognised her as well in the pictures. This is quite funny…Well, she was an interesting character…She was living at the time in Jacksonville, dating at a guy who she liked and was successful and drove a Ferrari according to her (who cares!). I never met him, of course since she was dating him officially…But what a great girl in bed! She loved to talk dirty, moved well in bed, and she is one of the few girls I slept with who really liked it from behind, up in the A$£E! She was nice, but at the end she lied too much…she was a good actress but this double life was tiring me and she was too materialistic for my taste. I could see that she was with me for other reasons than love, and probably for other reasons than sex (even though I would like to think otherwise!). At the end, she was loosing her mind, and even ended up going to meet a guy in Europe, in Portugal I believe, someone she barely knew…! in any case, it is funny to see that people completely idealise her. Good luck to you Michelle for being smart to hide well enough your “wild” past and sorry I was not ready for a serious committment….!

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