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Boston Celtics’ smoke and mirrors

The Celtics finally figured out a way to confuse their fans into thinking that Danny Ainge can build a contender. After a 33-49 season, the C’s decided to add a dance team to their entertainment becoming the last NBA franchise to do so. It’s a very simple rule: put enough hot chicks in short skirts and guys won’t care if you have a 7 foot stiff named Raef who only shoots 3-pointers.

Understably, some old school C’s fans are not happy.

Why do the Celtics want to be like all the other teams? The Celtics were unique with the way they did things. Now all of a sudden they want to be like all the horrible teams. Having dancers is something expansion teams have to do to draw people. I just think the Celtics are messing with their tradition, and I don’t think that’s going to be good for them in the long run.

He’s got a point. All this packaged entertainment has largely ruined the NBA. Escalating salaries meant that owners/GMs had to find a way to fill high priced seats and instead of building a contender, they decided to give us William Hung performing at halftime of a Warriors game or cheesy contests instead. Last year, there was a contest during a Celtics halftime involving layups and tic-tac-toe that was so retarded, the marketing person who dreamt it up was summarily shot behind the arena afterward.

So instead of going to a game to watch your team win or even good basketball, you’re presented with selfish basketball, corporate branded schwag, and D-list pop stars at halftime. Are we not entertained? Actually, we’re not.

A note on the “Staff photo illustration” of what a Celtics Dance Team member would look like: It looks like they took a file photo of a stripper and photoshopped on a Celtics logo… which will pretty much be accurate.

[]: Celtics dance into the 21st century

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