Gay guys love the Tiffin University Soccer team

Who wants to go first?

There’s something about hazing that seems very gay to me (NTTAWWT). Well, the Tiffin Mens soccer team kinda proved that last fall when they had a male bonding hazing event when some freshmen soccer players were photographed tied together in their boxers. The coach and players are all dismissing it as a social event that got blown way out of proportion. Maybe it got blown out of proportion because the photos from the event are being passed around by a gay photo site. And that wiffle ball bat labeled “freshman fucker” isn’t helping either.

Why can’t sports teams just do what gangs do and beat the piss out of new recruits. Why does it always have to include something really homoerotic. At least Tiffin soccer didn’t go as far as the Sierra Vista High School basketball team in Las Vegas, whose hazing ritual included shoving their fingers in a new player’s rectum. I’m pretty sure everywhere outside of a prison league, this is stepping over the line.

[Bad Jocks]: Tiffin College Men’s Soccer Team Alleged Hazing Pictures

By Vin

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