Fantasy Football costs employers $1.1 billion a week

Putting the interns to work

According to consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, people checking their fantasy teams costs employers $1.1B a week in lost productivity. CEO John Challenger says that fantasy football, online poker and eBay are the biggest time suckages in the workplace. This is surprising because with all the time we spent on sports blogs, we didn’t have any time left over for online poker or eBay.

Still, Challenger says that employers shouldn’t ban fantasy football from the workplace.

The potential damage to morale and loyalty resulting from a fantasy football ban could be far worse than the loss of productivity caused by 10 minutes of online team management.

What Challenger really meant is that lazy son of a bitch in the cubicle next to yours isn’t going to do any work anyway so what is the difference if he spends his time trolling the waiver wires or forwarding chain-emails for free jeans from the Gap – IT REALLY WORKS!

Of course, the next logical step in employee-employer relations is to do absolutely no work and just spend the day managing your multiple fantasy teams. Why waste only 34 minutes a day on fantasy football when you can waste the entire 8 hours? And if your boss says anything to you, tell him he’s ruining morale in the workplace.


[Reuters]: Fantasy football sacks real work production

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