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Rope burns should be the least of your worries when playing tug-of-war

When you think about tug-of-war, you usually don’t think about the possibility for serious injury. After all, it’s just a bunch of people pulling on a rope. What’s the worst thing that could happen, the fat guy serving as anchor falls on his butt? Wrong, try having your hands cut off.

Parker (Colorado) police said Henry Barrett and Mitch Helfer were injured in the gymnasium of Lutheran High School last Friday during a homecoming pep rally event. They were part of a tug-of-war team of 40 to 50 juniors who were competing with 40 to 50 seniors.

After Barrett and Helfer wrapped the rope around their hands and tugged, the rope tightened and cut deeply into the bottom part of their hands and across their knuckles.

“It’s something I don’t think you would want to wish on any student body — to observe something (like that) that is happening in your gymnasium,” said Randy Lowe, CEO of the Colorado Lutheran High School Association.

It sounds like the kids are recovering which is good news, but these guys have a long recovery road in front of `em. We’re hoping that Hulk Hogan took notice of this horrible accident. If you do nothing else as host of the revamped American Gladiators, we beg you Hulkster, please pull all the necessary strings to have Tug-O-War banned. That event totally sucked before we even knew it was dangerous.


[]: Parker Students Recover After Tug-Of-War Accident