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Why is Jon Barry behind a mic again?

We’ve been laughing at Jon Barry since Tuesday night for his stupid comments after the draft lottery and now we have the proof that Barry is a complete idiot. You have to be patient but at the end of the clip (4:35 mark) Barry actually says that Portland should trade away their number one pick for some veteran help after they won the rights to Greg Oden or Kevin Durant by turning chicken s*** (5.3% chance of winning) into chicken salad. Barry should be fired for simply thinking that the Blazers should get rid of one of the brightest talents to come into the league since LeBron James, whether it’s Oden or Durant. But then again, Barry had already humiliated himself once that night by guaranteeing that the Celtics would win the lottery so, why not make it a double dip.

Looks like Jon is attempting to make his broadcasting fame by going for the outlandish comment approach made famous by his ESPN colleague Bill Walton. So, we’re gonna guess that Barry was totally behind the Blazers’ Sam Bowie pick in 1984 as well.


[Blazers Blog]: You so crazy Jon Barry!