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We never figured Dennis Rodman was a Bentley sorta guy, but this is ridiculous

We know that Dennis Rodman is a pretty strange cat and all, but, seriously, who the hell drives around in a tank with naked girls and big-haired trolls painted on it?!?! This is the most appalling vehicle ever released on U.S. soil. He should be ashamed of himself for even stepping foot inside that thing. But we gotta admit, having his image painted on the rear window is actually kinda cool.

Oh, and according to TMZ he parked in a handicap spot. That’s totally negates the self promoting cartoon’s coolness.

While at Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point, Calif. on Sunday, it looked like the 46-year-old former NBA star parked his graffitied, gas-guzzling urban assault vehicle in a handicap accessible spot. Well, he has always been a little special!

Rodman’s rep tells TMZ, “Dennis would never do something like that, and he was driven around all weekend . His driver might have done it and left the car there for a short time. Dennis would never do something like that.

Of course he wouldn’t. He’ll kick you in the balls for doing your job, but he would never park in a handicap spot. That’s just not nice.


[TMZ]: Rodman’s Hummer Handicapped