College Basketball

Hey, coach Crean, is your refrigerator running?

Those whacky prank callers who struck the ACC women’s basketball teleconference on Tuesday were back at it on Thursday, infiltrating the Big East men’s basketball conference call and asking some dirty, naughty questions.

Good luck getting through the next coach with this,” [Marquette coach Tom] Crean said to associate commissioner John Paquette after his portion of the call.

It got so bad Thursday that Paquette began screening calls, only taking them from writers he was familiar with. He was able to head off most of the prank calls based on the names of fabricated media.

South Florida’s Stan Heath, West Virginia’s Bob Huggins, St. John’s Norm Roberts and UConn’s Jim Calhoun along with Crean were among the coaches asked disgusting questions.

As the hourlong teleconference continued, the prank calls ceased and Providence’s Tim Welsh, Seton Hall’s Bobby Gonzalez and Louisville’s Rick Pitino were spared.

When Paquette introduced Calhoun, the coach was ready to go because he had heard some of the questions to other coaches.

“Thanks for joining us on the call and before we get started we’ve had some prank …,” Paquette said.

“I understand,” Calhoun said.

“I’ve been trying to screen them as best I can,” Paquette said. “So if you could give us a comment on last night’s game [against Cincinnati] and your thoughts on facing Indiana …”

“Yeah, well, as far as the conference call goes I wish some people would get some lives,” Calhoun said.

Lifeless or not, whoever these guys are, they’re pretty brazen. However, we’ve noticed that these wisenheimers haven’t bothered to crank call the Big 12 yet. Any particular reason for that fellas?


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