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University of Arizona fan gets fried after pissing off the wrong cop

We understand that football has far surpassed baseball for the title of `America’s pastime’, but some people take their passion for the game a bit too far and end up paying for their fanaticism. Like this loser student from the University of Arizona who got so mad that the school had oversold the home opener against Northern Arizona on Saturday night that he assaulted an officer, took a couple zaps from a stun gun and then got thrown in jail. Now that’s school spirit.

Sgt. Eugene Mejia, a UA police spokesman, said one of those students had to be stunned after he assaulted an officer.

Mejia said the student was treated by medical personnel but became combative again and was stunned a second time.

Officers arrested the student on suspicion of aggravated assault on a police officer.

We can somewhat sympathize with the crazy kid’s situation, after all, he was all psyched up to see Arizona and Northern Arizona go at it. We personally wouldn’t have taken it that far for such a lousy game, but that’s just us. We typically refuse to take 10,000 volts for anything less than a match-up between two Top 25 teams.


[]: Police use stun gun on student turned away from football game