NBA General

Soulja Boy meets Marv Albert and hilarity ensues

For some strange reason, we never figured the silky-smooth voice of the NBA would be into hip-hop. But you learn new and interesting things everyday on Inside the NBA and we’re not just talking about how many thousands of calories Chucky consumed during the taping of the show.

Finally, Marv has done something to make everyone forget about how he wore women’s underwear, bit a woman’s back and went on trial for felony charges of forcible sodomy. OK, never mind, nothing can top that.

Golden State Warriors

Baron Davis just loves him some Soulja Boy

Ever wonder what the best basketball players in the world are doing when timeout gets called? You might think that they’re focused on the Xs and Os being diagramed, but you’d be wrong. Apparently, they do the Soulja Boy; whatever that is.


[The Big Lead]: Baron Davis, Quite the Comic