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Sean Salisbury’s tactics might be childish, but you can’t blame him for being honest

Maybe it was “Bootgate” or maybe it was Plaxico Burress’ slightly awry (but nevertheless correct) victory prediction. Or maybe it was just because after two weeks of incessant coverage we just couldn’t stomach anymore jibber-jabber from the talking heads on SportsCenter. Any way you slice, we missed out on a sweet catfight between Sean “Shut Up Old Man” Salisbury and John “Crypt Keeper” Clayton.

We normally like Salisbury, but for some reason, he turns into ESPN‘s biggest jackass when sharing the screen with Clayton. Believe it or not Sean, but it is actually possible to be informed and have an opinion about football even if you’ve never stepped foot onto a field. Your history of wearing a jock doesn’t give you any special analytical powers and your school-yard-bully tactics make you look ridiculous.

You might be spot on in this instance, Clayton does look likes he’s been dead for about a decade, but you still look foolish in your approach. Even when side by side with the living Crypt Keeper.


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