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So, have you seen the new Super Bowl ad? I SAID, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW SUPER BOWL AD?!

You know it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday when the chitter and the chatter progresses from on-field issues to off-field satellite stories. For example, when instead of hearing about defensive philosophies, you start hearing about the cost of 30-second commercial spots then you know the big game is about a week away. And once you move from the ridiculous money changing hands for a ad and into the dark, secret realm of commercial spoilers then you know kickoff is right around the corner.

Sometimes the Super Bowl and the ads are all about noise.

But, one humorous Pepsi ad will be silent.

It’s in American Sign Language with captions.

The actors are really Pepsi employees who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

It shows a couple of guys in a car driving down a residential street in the evening looking for their friend’s house.

Both of them forgot to bring the address.

So, they think up a quick and funny way to narrow down which house does “not” belong to their friend, who’s also deaf like they are.

The ad is called “Bob’s House” and is expected to run in the pre-show before the game begins.

“Expected to run in the pre-show before the game begins”??? Oh, no, no, no. We happen to know some people who know some people who know some people and we got a hold of a pirated copy. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone where you got it, but let us know if you need some more.


[]: Pepsi Super Bowl ad is silent