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Rugby viewers get bonus porn scene between scrums

Remember way, way, way back in the day when you and your friends all gathered around the television set for a good, clean day of food, football and booze, then, suddenly, it was all ruined made even more awesome because of some nipple slippage rippage during the game’s halftime performance? You guessed it, we’re talking about Super Bowl XXXVIII. As male adults, we all loved it. However, the parents of younger children were far less excited about the whole ordeal; in fact, many were downright outraged. So, can you just imagine the hellish fury that would be unleashed if this were to happen in America?

Fans who tuned into New Zealand’s Prime TV yesterday afternoon were exposed to four minutes of hardcore pornography instead of a rugby match.

The network’s owner, Sky, blames the mix-up on a technical problem. The feed was intended for a different channel. “We apologize for any offense which may have been caused,” spokesman Tony O’Brien tells The New Zealand Herald.

TVNZ reports that regulators have received at least one formal complaint about the incident.

“(I was) horrified! It is not the sort of thing I want my 12-year-old to see on TV,” Lorraine Watts tells ONE News. “It was a full blown sex scene.”

“Full blown sex scene,” you say. Hmmm, did one of the participants happen to be named Mr. Boston?

On a side note, VH1’s “I Love Money” is gonna be CRAZY!


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