College Basketball

Assault charges get Missouri basketball player tossed off the team

Kalen Grimes is the center for the University of Missouri basketball team and it turns out he’s a street fighter as well. Unfortunately, the second talent will get you kicked off the team and get you arrested, which is exactly what happened to Grimes after he was involved in an assault on Saturday night.

Grimes went to the parking lot of a Dairy Queen around 3:00 a.m. when a friend of his got into an altercation with some people. After arriving, Grimes and his brother drove to where the incident was happening and the 21-year-old baller got out of the car and cocked a shotgun several times before he eventually stuck a man in the face with the butt of the gun. Before the fight concluded, Grimes’ brother, Michael, was hit in the head with a tire wrench. After leaving the scene, Grimes was pulled over and arrested on a second-degree felony assault charge. Cops also found a loaded gun .40-caliber gun in his car during the arrest.

Grimes’ actions come on the heels of a recently instituted zero-tolerance policy for the team after forward DeMarre Carroll got shot last week. So, it was probably not the best time for Grimes to be out and about at three in the morning; not to mention carrying guns and beating people up. We know that things must get dull in Missouri on a Saturday night, but what ever happened to, say, sleeping at three in the morning? If nothing good ever happens at 2:00 a.m., you better believe that there is absolutely nothing but trouble when the clock strikes three.


[]: Grimes is charged with felony assault