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Top 10 Most Gruesome sports injuries: #8 Jorge Garbajosa

[Sportscolumn is running down the ten most gruesome sports injuries. Here’s #8]

After trying to block a shot by Al Jefferson, Jorge Garbajosa landed awkwardly and his fibula snapped and spun his ankle out of place. It might not look that bad when you first see it, but Garbajosa’s shrieks of pain could be heard in the next county and Jefferson’s cringe upon seeing the mangled leg was proof that this was not a normal broken bone. In fact, the entire Raptors bench can be seen covering their eyes after the injury takes place.

Oh, man. I haven’t witnessed anything like that in person, ever,” Raptors swingman Morris Peterson said. “I just had to turn my head. A lot of guys did.

You would think that anybody’s career would be over after spinning their leg a full 90 degrees in the wrong direction but, amazingly, Garbajosa is expected to be sidelined for just six months after the horrific injury.

There was even a rumor floating around that Garbajosa wanted to remain awake during his operation so that he could watch the doctor perform his magic, but that turned out to be a joke. If that were true, however, the doctors might want to consider performing a lobotomy as well as the necessary ankle surgery.

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Hey Dwyane, now this is a reason to cry

Hoops usually isn’t a game that people would consider to be brutal, but this year has been quite different. So far our stomachs have been turned by nasty injuries to Shaun Livingston and Idong Ibok. Well, now you can Jorge Garbajosa to that list.

Garbajosa went up to block a shot by the Celtics’ Al Jefferson and it turned out to be the most painful decision of his life because when he came down, his leg got caught up underneath him and twisted in a horrific fashion, breaking his leg. The injury was so ugly that Jefferson couldn’t even look at Garbajosa as he screamed in pain. The injury is so nasty that it could be the end of Garbajosa’s career. It’s a good thing he’s not a horse, because this was an injury worthy of sending him to the glue factory.


[]: Raptors’ Garbajosa breaks leg