New York Knicks

"Isiah Thomas has just signed Gus Johnson to a 4 album, 8 million dollar deal"

When we first came across this clip of Gus Johnson showing off his vocal stylings, we closed our eyes and could have sworn it was Carlton Banks letting rip. But once we opened them and realized it wasn’t a lip synching performance, we were taken back by the high octaves he could reach. Surely, somewhere there was a dog howling and an American Idol judge making a comment about his singing being just a bit too pitchy (dawg).

We thought those notes were reserved for Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, but it’s amazing how the body will react to watching the Knicks play. For us, it results in dry heaves and cold sweats, but to each is own.


[]: Gus Johnson to star on American Idol