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Tom Gorzelanny’s bobblehead has a piss poor attitude

We don’t know about you guys, but, frankly, we think the whole bobblehead craze should have never come back from the grave. But like lava lamps and Danny Bonaduce, they just won’t die! However, we must admit that we’re a big fan of Pirates pitcher Tom Gorzelanny’s doll which appears to be giving the finger to the all the fans who received the giveaway on Saturday when Pittsburgh played Philadelphia. Although, we think he’s giving the bird, the debate over which finger is actually protruding from the glove rages on.

Which finger is it — the index, or the middle?

Pirates’ spokesman Jim Trdinich said the team sends photographs of players to a company that makes its bobbleheads, and the company tries to replicate those pictures as best they can when it designs the dolls.

Trdinich said he can’t tell which finger is sticking out of Gorzelanny’s glove in the photo that went to the bobblehead company, but he said it was not done in bad taste.

Gorzelanny’s doll comes in a box with an action photograph of him on the side. In that picture, he does have a finger sticking through his glove, but the camera angle makes it difficult to see which finger it is.

Yea, and Shaq didn’t drop the F-bomb or S-bomb live on TV.


[]: Is Pittsburgh Pirates Bobblehead Giving The Finger?