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Genarlow Wilson’s horrifying saga is hopefully almost over

Genarlow Wilson got screwed by the Georgia justice system when, as a 17-year-old, he engaged in consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old. It’s something that happens everyday, whether parents want to admit it or not, across this great country of ours but in Georgia the act was punishable by a 10-year sentence in prison. So, despite a high GPA, Ivy League attention, football dedication and overall popularity with students and teachers alike, Wilson was handed the extremely harsh sentence. The real injustice of this whole thing is that if Wilson would have actually had sex with the girl, it would have only been a misdemeanor.

But thanks to tons of pressure from outraged citizens and political groups, Wilson is about to be a free man after serving 28 months in prison. 28 months! It took the state over two years to realize that this was a complete injustice. You’d like to say that with the reduced charge and impending release that justice is served, but this kid lost 28 months of his life during its prime and will have tons of obstacles to overcome in the years ahead because of a law that should have never been on the books in the first place.

We’re sure that Genarlow is grateful to the judge who finally opened his eyes to this fiasco but we’re also guessing that Wilson’s going to be hauling ass outta Georgia ASAP with no return visits planned for the rest of his lifetime. But, then again, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves because the attorney general’s office filed for an appeal to the decision. So, apparently, the cloud of stupidity is still hanging over Georgia, but they’re finally moving in the right direction and that’s a hell of a lot better than they’ve been doing over the past 28 months.


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