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OUCH! Right in the foosballs!

Talk about being disappointed in ourselves; we’ve been playing foosball since childhood and never once have we attempted to use the table as a source of humor/pain.

What’s next? Is someone going to tell us we could have been racking our friends during all those years of practicing karate too?

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Rack em up and get us another round

We all know that there’s nothing better than heading to your favorite local watering hole and throwing back one or two or 17 brewskis. It’s always a good time. But even with a bottomless supply of alcohol at your fingertips, without entertainment, a bar is basically useless. And when we say we entertainment, we pretty much mean hot chicks – trust us, even if they’re ugly, you drink enough and the place will start looking like the Playboy mansion – and games. Since the odds are pretty high that you’re slurred speech and insensitive pickup lines won’t work, here’s a list of the Top 10 Best Bar Sports to keep you occupied until your cab or the cops arrive to take you home or to the clink.

10. Dance Dance Revolution
9. Golden Tee
8. Deer Hunter
7. Foosball
6. Touch Screen
5. Wii
4. Beer Pong
3. Bubble Hockey
2. Darts
1. Pool

And if none of those sound appealing then you can always play a few rounds of Texas Scrotum Snatch.


[The Love of Sports]: Top 10 Best Bar Sports

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Don’t bet this guy in foosball