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Sports greatest fashion faux pas

If you think sports have always been as dapper as they are now then you’re sadly mistaken. Obviously, you’re new to the game because there have been some absolutely horrid fashion trends that swept through the world of sports. Sure, at the time they seemed like the coolest thing ever, but with time comes wisdom. And embarrassment.

Here’s the Top 10 Worst Sports Fashion Trends over the past two decades according to The Love of Sports.

10. Starter Jackets
9. Visors
8. Pink, Red and Green Apparel
7. Hats With The Tags Still On
6. Jersey Dresses
5. Spandex
4. Reebok Pumps
3. Coed Naked Shirts
2. Umbros
1. Zubaz

In case you don’t recall, Zubaz were the zany, zebra patterned pants designed in the colors of various sports teams. These loose fitting pants were so preposterous they made MC Hammer’s parachute pants look like Dockers. The hideous style spread to the NFL, wear football players looked like clowns as they paced the sidelines in zebra patterned jackets and hats.

You’ll get no argument for us regarding the Zubaz. Completely appalling in all ways. However, we’re going to go down swinging in regards to the jersey dresses. Fat chicks defiantly bring their stock way down, but cheerleaders across America more than make up for it. Yea, we’re talking about you, UCLA.


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