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Cuban fined $250,000

Earlier today, Cuban claimed he didn’t scream at David Stern that the NBA was rigged. Well, he must have done something because the league has fined him a quarter of a million for “several acts of misconduct.”

The NBA should come out and tell us exactly what the fine is for. If Cuban did indeed say “Your league is rigged”, we want to know. But the NBA has said it will not comment further on the issue.

Here is a timeline of Mark Cuban’s fines. They add up to $1,455,000.


[Yahoo]: Cuban fined $250,000 for Game 5 outbursts

Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban: NBA is NOT rigged

We can’t decide whether to love or hate Mark Cuban. He’s like the TO of owners. If he’s on your side, you love the guy for the passion and skills (or money) he brings. If he’s on any other team, you hate him for his outspokeness and the constant need to be on TV. But you have to ask yourself whether you’d want Cuban as the owner of your team, and ultimately, the answer is yes. Who else would have a blog and let you know exactly what he’s thinking about his team?

Today, Cuban responded to an article in the Miami Herald where a reporter claims that Cuban walked up to Stern following game 5 and said, “[Bleep] you! [Bleep] you! Your league is rigged!”

Didnt happen. Didnt say a word to the man. Not a single word. And that was absolutely by intention.

Apparently this “reporter” has written he has several “sources”. Well they must be the same sources the tabloids use to find two headed babys and aliens, because it didnt happen.

Ive already blogged about and been fined for the source of my displeasure in these playoffs and there was absolutely no reason for me to say another word about it and i wont.

So there you have it folks. Straight from the horse’s mouth. He did not say anything to David Stern. As a matter of fact, he thinks the games aren’t rigged.

The games are not rigged. Thats a complete insult to the players on the court and the incredible amount of effort they put into preparing for and playing the games. All 82 regular season and post season games. The NBA couldnt rig the games if it wanted to. And it doesnt want to. Its that simple.

Like any reputable casino in the world, there’s no reason for the NBA to rig their games, they make money no matter who wins. However, something in the back of our minds keeps thinking about those Lakers-Kings series in the 90s. Now those… those were…

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Miami Heat

Hold the obit on the Miami Heat

After the first two games of the series, we thought the Heat were toast. We figured they’d grab game 3 and then game 5 and lose to Dallas in game 6. But the boys from South Beach showed they weren’t going to roll over and quit just because Mark Cuban was already ordering up a 2006 NBA Champions mural for his mansion. Still, there’s being wrong with your picks and then there’s looking like a complete tool.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than a hometown homer columnist making a fool of himself. Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News had this to say following game 2 of the series:

he only way the Mavs come back from Miami is on a float. Map the parade route. Schedule the sick day.

Miami’s chances of getting back here? Good as a Shaq free throw.

Think this series is still too early to call? Want to remind of the San Antonio series, when the Mavs went up 3-1 and needed a miracle three-point play from Dirk Nowitzki just to get into overtime in Game 7?

Forget it. San Antonio was a far more worthy opponent. Phoenix, too. Even Memphis wasn’t as grisly as Miami.

Four games, maybe five, and that’s it.

Not suprisingly, Kevin had nothing to say this morning after a thorough dismantling of his Mavericks by the Miami Heat. Miami fans, feel free to email Nostradamus at [email protected]

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Avery Johnson hits Josh Howard in the crotch

As anyone who has every watched American Funniest Home Videos can tell you, getting hit in the jewels is always funny. Here’s a video of Avery Johnson getting so excited about a basket, he knocks Josh Howard right in the crotch. The look on Howard’s face is priceless. And worth watching four or five hundred times. (Thanks to There’s Your Karma, Ripe as Peaches for the video find.)

Dallas Mavericks

Odds and Ends for Mon May 22 2006: Cuban likes getting booed

Boo-let proof. (sorry)

You know, it must be good to be Mark Cuban. Not only does he have a huge penis, he also has so much cash that he doesn’t even mind getting booed. (Thanks Offwing Opinion.)

Im looking up there, and Im listening, and it dawned on me. Im getting booed by 18k people, how cool is that ! I didnt know these people. It didnt matter what they thought or why they were booing. It worked for the home team. It got the crowd going, it made it more fun for everyone who came to the game. Someone from the Spurs came over like it was a big deal and apologized for it. I was absolutely fine with it

May we suggest a trip to an Eagles game wearing Cowboys gear?

In other news…

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[WTF-TV]: Bonds says he’s chasing Oh’s 868 home run record. Is this for real? The name of the site is WTF tv.

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Hasselhoff makes Dirk Nowitzki clutch

Proving that you can be the second best basketball player on the planet and still be a big dork, Nowitzki revealed that his method of taking the pressure off before free throws is to sing “Looking for Freedom” by David Hasselhoff.

For those of you who don’t already know the song, check out this video. We’re not sure if this is the official video for the song because it includes KITT but it’s worth it just for the scenes of the Hof in some sort of foggy nature scene. Words cannot describe this video. Although after 3 viewings, the damn song… is kinda catchy.

If LeBron James comes out and says he shoots free throws singing Philip Michael Thomas to himself, the world will end as we know it.

[Fox Sports]: Nowitzki sings about his free throw ritual
[You Tube]: Hasselhoff live in Berlin singing Looking for Freedom with a lighted jacket and piano key scarf. (Again, words cannot describe.)