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Hasselhoff makes Dirk Nowitzki clutch

Proving that you can be the second best basketball player on the planet and still be a big dork, Nowitzki revealed that his method of taking the pressure off before free throws is to sing “Looking for Freedom” by David Hasselhoff.

For those of you who don’t already know the song, check out this video. We’re not sure if this is the official video for the song because it includes KITT but it’s worth it just for the scenes of the Hof in some sort of foggy nature scene. Words cannot describe this video. Although after 3 viewings, the damn song… is kinda catchy.

If LeBron James comes out and says he shoots free throws singing Philip Michael Thomas to himself, the world will end as we know it.

[Fox Sports]: Nowitzki sings about his free throw ritual
[You Tube]: Hasselhoff live in Berlin singing Looking for Freedom with a lighted jacket and piano key scarf. (Again, words cannot describe.)

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3 replies on “Hasselhoff makes Dirk Nowitzki clutch”

Classic — I could swear that Steve Nash is singing “My Heart Will Go On” by fellow Canadian Celine Dion while he’s breaking down defenses.

Kitt vs. Nash — If Dirk doesn’t win a title soon, he might never be able to escape Nash’s shadow, much like Hasselhoff could never really get out from under Kitt’s. Being big in Germany doesn’t count, by the way. However, daily wardrobe sessions with Pam Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth and co. do make showing up for work worthwhile.

what? — Damn!  Sportscolumn is HUGE in Germany.  

I, as a hetero male, do not understand the immense popularity of David Hasselhoff.  Did you see the Spongebob Squarepants movie?

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