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Dale Davis gets tasered in Miami Beach

Where am I?

How many times do we have to say it? Professional athletes need to stay away from Miami. We know there are scores of hot chicks everywhere wearing bikinis and… shit.. see you suckers later.

Hmm… it turns out sports bloggers can’t afford last minute flights to Miami. Anyway, Dale Davis was tasered for assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence on Tuesday. The police were called to a hotel by the staff and when they asked Davis to leave, he refused to do so. Then it got ugly.

Police said they asked Davis to remove his hands from his pockets for officer safety, and Davis complied after asking officers if they were going to shoot him.

Davis pulled out money, three cellular phones and credit cards. He put the items back in his pockets and said he’d beat up the officers if they took off their badges and got rid of their guns.

Davis then balled his fists and began walking toward officers in an aggressive manner, and he was warned that he would be hit with a Taser gun if he continued. He didn’t stop, and an officer used the stun gun to hit Davis in the chest and he fell to the ground.

His agent said that they plan on filing a lawsuit against the police. What retarded jury would find for the plaintiff in this case? He was walking towards the officers in an aggressive manner. Davis is lucky they didn’t just shoot him. Also, why does Dale Davis carry 3 cell phones? 1 for his wife, 1 for his mistress, and 1 disposable one for the hos he meets on South Beach? I guess we’ll say it again. Just stay away from Miami.


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