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If only Roger Clemens’ face could speak

Everybody is curious to find out the truth behind if the Rocket took roids, but, c’mon people, can’t we just wait for the wheels of justice to do their thing?

A facial expressions expert says Roger Clemens seemed more nervous and afraid than his former trainer, Brian McNamee, during their Congressional testimony.

Dan Hill, an expert in analyzing facial expressions, says “fear” was clearly etched in the 7-time Cy Young Award winner’s face.

Hill doesn’t profess to be able to declare which person was lying. But after viewing video clips of portions of the hearings, Hill concluded Clemens seemed more nervous than McNamee.

Hill says Clemens’ facial expression could mean being afraid of not getting into the Hall of Fame. Or it could mean something else.

“He also could be lying,” Hill says.

He also could have eaten chili for lunch and had a serious case of bubble-guts. Why don’t we just bring in a fortune teller or, better yet, a palm reader to solve this mystery once and for all? Heck, maybe a mood ring could shed some light on things.


[]: Facial expressions expert says Clemens seemed more nervous