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Bob Stoops set to earn $6 million, despite being Mr. Unclutch

Bob Stoops is in hog heaven right now. At the end of this year, Stoops will complete his 10th season of service for the Oklahoma Sooners which means he’s about to get paid – big time! Stoops is going to collect a one-time bonus of $3 million on New Year’s Eve for the decade of work, which combined with his $2.77 million salary for the year means Stoops will bring home close to $6 million this year (including performance bonuses). Good investment? Athletic director Joe Castiglione sure seems to think so.

People may question why we do certain things,” Castiglione said. “But we can measure his impact, not just with success on the field, but the way our team generates interest and excitement because of the leadership of the head coach. He positively affects so many elements of the athletic program, campus community and the state — you could talk about it from the infusion of excitement to the economic impact.”

“Bob Stoops is worth every penny and always has been and always will be.

We see where Castiglione is going with this and it makes complete sense. There’s no doubt that the guy generates tons of revenue for the university, but we’re football fans, all we care about is wins and losses, so we have a slightly different view on the coach. Stoops is an excellent coach, there is no questioning that, but let’s take a quick look at his track record. Sure, he only has 17 losses compared to 90 wins, but it’s not the number of losses but rather who the losses are to.

His first season at OU, he went 7-5. We’ll let that one completely slide by. In 2000, he won the National Championship, so bravo coach. Then in 2001, things start getting interesting.

2001 – #4 Sooners lose to unranked Oklahoma State at home in season finale
2002 – #1 Sooners lose to unranked Texas A&M on the road then #3 Sooners lose to Oklahoma State on the road
2003 – #1 Sooners lose to #13 Kansas State in Big 12 Championship, followed by #3 Sooners loss to #2 LSU in National Championship
2004 – #2 Sooners lose big, 55-19, to #1 USC in National Championship
2005 – #7 Sooners lose season opener to unranked TCU in Norman, #21 Sooners lose to unranked UCLA, unranked Sooners lose to rival Texas and then go on to lose to Texas Tech
2006 – #15 Sooners lose to #18 Oregon, #14 Sooners lose second straight to Texas, #7 Sooners get shocked by #9 Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl
2007 – #3 Sooners lose to unranked Colorado, #3 Sooners lose to unranked Texas Tech and #3 Sooners close the season by losing to West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl

All we’re saying is if someone is going to get a huge bonus, they can not lose even half the games listed above. Still, from a big-picture perspective, it was probably a smart investment by Oklahoma.

And let’s not forget the big man’s perks.

In addition, Stoops is also provided with
*2 automobiles with insurance

*35 hours annually of private airplane use

*Membership and monthly dues at a Norman-area golf course

*20 football tickets

As a side note, if you’re in the mood to make yourself feel like total crap today then just check out the Bob Stoops salary calculator.


[]: Bob Stoops is the six million-dollar man…after bonuses, that is