Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals doesn’t want any part of Odell Thurman’s mess

Some guys just can’t help themselves. Take a look at Odell Thurman — already suspended from the league for skipping a drug test and driving drunk, Odell has been accused of assaulting two men at a private residence. Two men claim that Odell Thurman assaulting them early Sunday (after partying till the wee hours of Saturday night) and that Odell’s brother Willie of threatening them with a gun.

No charges have been filed yet but the Bengals are already backtracking on Odell, essentially saying “he aint ours!”

Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said Tuesday the team had no comment on the latest allegations.

“His situation is controlled by the league, he’s not officially on our roster,” Brennan said. “Since his possible reinstatement is in the league’s hands, we would defer any comment to the league.

Remember, Roger Goodell’s new personal conduct policy allows for teams to be disciplined for the transgressions of their players. Since the Bengals already have Chris Henry in the penalty box under the policy, they’re trying to avoid any more. This assault incident seems relatively minor and could just be a case of two guys targeting a professional football player but the Bengals want no part of any possible infraction. They are already emabrassed enough by Carson Palmer’s odd choices in endorsement deals.

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