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Randy Moss goes deep with Miss Kentucky

If you thought the biggest news from this past weekend’s Kentucky Derby was the horrible injury and subsequent euthanasia of Eight Belles then you’d be wrong. Move over Beyonce and Jay-Z. Step aside Posh Spice and David Beckham. Beat it Brangelina. We’ve got the next big power couple right here! Or at least Randy Moss’ next one-night stand. That’s probably more like it.

The Patriots wide receiver was caught doing a little dirty dancing with Alysha Harris, a.k.a. Miss Kentucky USA, at a party during Kentucky Derby weekend. Some might call this scandalous behavior, but she is promoting her state. Just not in the manner the crown-givers were hoping for.

“In keeping with the commitment of our official causes, our new title-holder, Alysha Harris, will dedicate extensive time supporting and working with our official charities,” state director Connie Clark Harrison said.

Those commitments include promoting the pageant’s sponsors, community service programs, charities, literacy throughout the Commonwealth, awareness of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, and youth anti-drug campaigns. …

In the interview competition, the contestant must talk with judges about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. Attention is focused on the contestant’s poise, charm, self-confidence and ability to communicate, as well as the substance of her answers.

We think Randy would agree with the judges on Alysha’s astounding “ability to communicate.”


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