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Odds and Ends: The luckiest SOB in all of sports

The guys over at Rumors and Rants are still stewing over the fact that a virtual-nobody in the NBA like
Marko Jaric can be engaged to megamodel Adrianna Lima. Hey, aren’t we all? But Jaric isn’t the only lucky bastard in the world of sports. So, here’s their list of “The Luckiest Guys In Sports History.”

Marko Jaric – Engaged to Adrianna Lima

Jim Sorgi – Peyton Manning’s Backup

Sam Cassell – 2008 Celtics

Eric Gagne – 2007 Boston Red Sox

Scott Podsednik – Married to Lisa Dergan

Christian Laettner – The Dream Team

Tony Romo – The Tail He Pulls

Jud Buechler – Three Titles With The Bulls

Jeremy Shockey – Giants Super Bowl Win

And speaking of lucky, there’s no way we can forget about this lucky dog.

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And finally, here’s a guy dropping a subtle hint that he really, really wants a pool.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Should I stay or should I go?

KG or DMX?

There has been more speculation surrounding the future of Minnesota’s Kevin Garnett this season than ever before. Probably because the team is once again in jeopardy of missing the playoffs and they passed on the Allen Iverson trade which would have provided the Big Ticket with his best opportunity to win a championship since Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell left town.

But any concern of Garnett hitting the bricks himself might have been squashed with the purchase of a $6.5 million dollar home in Minnesota. The two story house was built in 1998 and is equipped with ten bathrooms for those moments of nausea when KG realizes he’s could be stuck with the Timberwolves for the rest of his career.

Here are some of the other notable statistics of the dwelling; it has 11 bedrooms, 16 “other rooms,” and two living rooms. In square footage terms, the garage area has 2,265; the ground floor 8,263; the second floor 2,790; the porch 3,375, and the basement 826.

Now that’s a lot of house! MTV’s Cribs is on their way.


[]: Is KG leaving? Not if you read between the real estate lines

Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Garnett gets Lost in Translation

Remember when Bill Murray has to go on that weird Japanese talk show, “the Johnny Carson of Japan”, with the slightly gay host? Well, this is Kevin Garnett’s trip to a Taiwanese television show. KG is traveling the world promoting… something. Who has the time to read this blog but the folks over at Free Darko (who apparently have a lot of time on their hands now that Darko actually has been freed), found the only part of the trip you need to know about.

Two new dance crazes are sweeping the nation folks, ‘clean the ear’ and ‘make the pizza’. God save us all.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Garnett fined .02% of his salary

I find it highly amusing that Garnett was even fined at all for tossing the ball into the stands. Five grand to KG is a rounding error in his checkbook.

Why aren’t they making more of an issue about the fact that the fans at the Target Center booed the fan that was hit in the head. Have you seen the replay of the toss? KG barely flicked it. Why did the guy need a gurney to go get medical attention? What the hell was that all about?

[]: Wolves star isn’t suspended for tossing ball into stands