Memphis Grizzlies

Yes, those were areolas you just saw on the Jumbotron

We always thought Jumbotrons were being underused in arenas and stadiums across the country. Well, we were right and earlier this week at a Memphis Grizzlies game, Stephanie Simpson proved that the million-dollar, giant televisions weren’t just meant to show highlights and dot races.

Wait, arrested! For flashing! Geez, seems a bit harsh considering how many times the Grizzlies have been exposed on the court this year. Teams are robbing Memphis of its dignity every night. Trust us, there is no way a pair of cans could be more traumatic than sitting through 48 minutes of horrible basketball. Unless Rudy Gay is dropping a game-winner on Tim Duncan then we say all eyes in the FedEx Forum should be fixed on the big screen in hopes of catching another glimpse of the “Flash Cam”.


[Awful Announcing]: You’re Not Going To Believe This One, A Woman Was Arrested At Grizzlies Game For Flashing The Jumbotron