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Roy Williams begrudgingly faces his "second-favorite team"

We all remember Roy Williams’ teary-eyed goodbye when he decided to leave Kansas for North Carolina in 2003. Well, it is time for Williams to say hello to his old club, even if he doesn’t want to. The two teams are on a collision course and the head-on crash will occur this Saturday in the Final Four.

If I was ever going to play Kansas again, this is the only way I would want it to happen,” Williams said Monday in a conference call. “The reason I say that I wouldn’t schedule them is very easy for me: because they’re my second-favorite college team. And those people gave me a chance. It’s a place that I loved for 15 years.

“I never scheduled North Carolina when I was at Kansas because for those 15 years North Carolina was my second-favorite team. And just I have too many great memories to consider somebody a foe on the other end of the court. …

“When I stood up in front of those kids at Kansas and told ’em that I was leaving, and the feeling that I had when I walked out of that room, that’s a feeling I hope I never have again,” Williams said Friday. “Because I felt like I was, I felt like I was dirty.

Dirty? We know you felt close to the team and it tore you up inside to walk out, but dirty? Sorry, but we just don’t agree. You did what you felt was best and the rest is history. In our book, dirty is reserved for one man and one man only in the current world of college basketball – Billy “Dirty Ass” Donovan. As long as you never let yourself become that guy then you’ll be just fine. Now, go out there and kick Kansas’ butt all over San Antonio!


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