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Mike Piazza’s revenge is best served cold

We know that fans should never ever become physically involved in any sporting event and we agree that anyone who does decide to interfere with the game should be punished, but we’re having a hard time swallowing this latest fan fallout.

Roland Flores got peeved during an Oakland/Anaheim game last year, lost his cool and threw a water bottle at Mike Piazza, hitting him in the head. Defiantly an ejectable offense with a serious ban to follow, right? Eh, partly.

A man who hit Mike Piazza with a water bottle thrown from the stands at Angel Stadium last year was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Roland Flores, 23, of La Puente was also placed on three years probation, barred from owning or possessing a firearm for 10 years and ordered to stay away from the stadium for three years, police Sgt. Rick Martinez said Wednesday.

Flores pleaded guilty last week to misdemeanor counts of using force and violence to assault Piazza, and for intentionally throwing a substance while at the stadium, Martinez said.

30 days in jail!! Are you kidding us?!!? We know this was completely uncalled for, but a month in the pokey just seems a bit extreme to us. If you really want to punish him, just make him watch an entire season of Devil Rays games – with no water bottles of course.


[]: Fan Gets Jail Time For Throwing Bottle At Piazza

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