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If you are anything like us then it is NEVER too early to start getting ready for March Madness. Unfortunately, stupid commitments like work or school used to get in the way of spending countless hours on the couch, eating Fritos and bean dip, chugging Yuengling by the case and watching hoops, hoops and nothing but hoops. Well, we can’t help you with the pigging out, getting blitzed or slothing around all March, but we can help you get your b-ball fix during the big tourney. Actually, the fellas at are responsible, but we’ll still take the credit.

NCAA March MadnessĀ® on Demand allows you to watch LIVE game broadcasts of CBS Sports television Coverage of the NCAA Championship on your computer for FREE!

* NCAA March Madness on Demand is 100% free
* Live games streaming on your broadband-connected computer
* Enjoy championship highlights, recaps, and archived video

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[]: March Madness on Demand

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