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Tyler Hansbrough proves white men can jump

UNC-Ashville’s Kenny George is a monster. The 7-foot-7, 360-pounder wears a size 26 shoe and has a wingspan of eight and a half feet. Like we said, he’s a friggin’ monster. Against North Carolina on Wednesday, George finished with 14 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks off the bench. But that isn’t the reason he’s making the news today. This is the reason he’s getting gobs of pub:

Yup, that was 6-foot-9 Tyler Hansbrough jumping over George with a single bound. Kinda like the negative image of this play:

One reply on “Tyler Hansbrough proves white men can jump”

Hansbrough — He actually can get off his feet more than people think.  I saw him sucessfully convert an in-game 360 dunk earlier this season.

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