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We didn’t even know there was 1, let alone 10 ‘Top Ping Pong Shots of All Time’

First off, we thought that seriously competitive ping pong was just something thrown into Forrest Gump as story filler. We were pretty taken back to find out it actually exists in the real world. Who knew? What’s next; are you going to try and tell us that people actually fence in real life too?

Secondly, as if the existence of ping pong outside of someone’s basement or garage wasn’t shocking enough to us, just imagine how surprised we were to find out that somebody out there actually watches enough ping pong to come up with the Top 10 Ping Pong Shots of All Time and then sets `em to an ancient Offspring song. Believe it or not, that really goes on as well.

It appears you’ve forgotten about the best ping pong `shots’ of all.


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