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Apparently, Jason Kidd is a chubby chaser and not a very nice one

If the accusations are true then Jason Kidd might be enjoying the bachelor lifestyle just a bit too much. Reports surfaced that Kidd groped a model a while back and now it’s starting to sound like he wanted to throw down with the chick after she rejected his `advances.’

If we got into a fight, who do you think would win?” the 6-foot, 4-inch superstar allegedly said to the plus-sized brunette, the sources claimed.

As The Post reported exclusively, the alleged groping occurred early Oct. 10 at Tenjune in the West Village. Bouncers saw the towering Net and 23-year-old model exchanging words, and intervened to make sure they were seated at separate tables, sources said.

Yesterday, spokesmen for Kidd and the nightclub denied any impropriety on his part. The Nets and NBA declined to comment.

According to sources, Kidd’s hands allegedly wandered over the model’s buttocks and crotch twice, despite her protests.

Detectives are investigating possible charges of forcible touching or sex abuse in the third degree – both misdemeanors that would be written up as a desk-appearance ticket, the sources said.

“This accusation is a complete fabrication and it is sad that someone would make something like this up,” a spokesman for Kidd said.

Now, we’re not completely convinced that J-Kidd would do such a thing, but we’re not letting him off from the accusations either. After all, the guy is single, rich, in a bar, and in reach of a 23-year-old plus-size model, then, to top things off, she has the gall to blow off the All Star. If that’s not the perfect storm of groping/beating up girls then we don’t know what is.


[]: Kidd now accused of fight threat

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