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Anybody looking to buy a $2 million Honus Wagner baseball card?

We’ve always know that sports memorabilia and especially sports cards were a booming market with it’s own tycoon, fanatical collectors, but this might be a little unhealthy. People are apparently spending millions of dollars for rare cards. One freakin’ card! But, hey, we certainly can’t fault this guy for cashing in on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ray Lumbert of Lansing, Michigan, recently purchased an ultra rare 1909 Honus Wagner card that was found inside the kitchen ceiling of an old house which was being demolished. He became co-owner of the little piece of cardboard by forking over $25,000 to the original possessor and then claimed sole rights to the card by giving the man an additional $25,000 worth of sports cards.

Pretty good investment because if the card is real then ol’ Ray will probably soon be living on island in the tropics while his dopey friend is trying to retire on a couple boxes of vintage Topps cards.

Rumor has it, only a few were made and sold with cigarettes before Wagner halted production. He was against tobacco and didn’t want to be associated with the product.

Sports card dealers at Higbees cards in West Lansing, say an authentic Wagner card could be worth millions.

“The lowest grade, one that’s really beat up, I’d say would start at $100,000 and then the highest grade one recently sold for over $2 million.

Holy cow, that a lot of money! It got us to thinking; so, what’s the current market value of a mint condition Greaser Greg? We are currently taking offers if anyone is interested.


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